As an industry leader in the Outdoor Living world, Chattanooga Hardscapes offers complete design and build services that are catered to our customers and making your property a one of a kind! We provide a quality job, professional service and a guaranteed breath taking result. Specializing in creating exquisite landscape and hardscape creations, we are committed to the highest standards for our work crews and everyone associated with our company.

     Whether you are interested in installing a patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, complete outdoor living environment or any other landscape / hardscape creation, we have the ability to take you from planning to completion, handling every aspect of your job from start to finish. Please call us today for a free consultation. 




When it comes to building a patio for you, there is no one that can build one as relaxing as we can! Get ready to enjoy your personal get-away in your own back yard. 

Let our experienced design team produce the perfect idea for your environment. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a unique outdoor living space for you!

Each job we encounter, we act as if it's our own. Every piece of this puzzle is built to last and that's a fact! Enjoy your private retreat for many years to come.


Chattanooga hardscapes

    Chattanooga Hardscapes is the best retaining wall installer and outdoor patio contractor. We strive to give you a quality product and guarantee customer satisfaction. While working with Chattanooga Hardscapes on your project you will find that we are here to not only design and build a great project, but to also create a relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime. 

    While capable of producing a quality product, service and satisfaction, these elements stem from our company foundation and employee roots that we continually grow and build on. Chattanooga Hardscapes has a team of highly skilled professionals that is capable of handling any type of project. As each project is its own, our skilled technicians take pride in what they do and greatly enjoy working for Chattanooga Hardscapes. On each project we encounter, all work is completed by in house employees or sub-contractors that we proudly call part of our family. 

    Being a family oriented company, based on a firm foundation with strong and dependable values, we look forward in working for you and bringing you into our family. We look forward in completing a job and building a relationship with you that will last a lifetime. 


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